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Images of the inconscious
Nise da Silveria
Translated by Catherine de Lorgeril and Denise Faure
2005, 326 p.
ISBN 2-913413-38-2
Digital version price: 16€
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In partnership with the Halle Saint-Pierre, the Cahiers jungiens de psychanalyse have participated in the illustrated edition of Images of the Unconscious, in which Nise da Silveira shares her long clinical experience of an occupational therapy workshop, in a psychiatric hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The author’s reflection is all the more fascinating, even for non-specialists, as it is based on Jung’s research on images and representations of the unconscious. Reproductions of these paintings punctuate the author’s presentation. To this day, a subject as essential in the Jungian clinic as that of images, has not yet been published in French!

Maria Et Le Therapeute Une Ecoute Plurielle: Collectif: 9782915781014: Books - Amazon.caMaria and the therapist, a plural listening
Brigitte Allain-Dupré, Wilma Bosio Blotto et al.

Translated from the Italian by Geneviève Marotel, Brigitte Allain-Dupré
With a booklet of a series of drawings.
2004, 192 p.
ISBN: 2-915781-01-4
Price: 18€
Digital version price : 15€

Born from an original experience, Maria et le thérapeute reports on the reflections of a working group around the same case, that of a seven and a half year old girl, Maria. A dozen Jungian therapists (French, Italian, German) elaborate a personal point of view on the child’s problematic, the therapeutical process and the implications of the transferential and counter-transferential relationship. Each of these contributions highlights a way of “making the Jungian concepts work”, enlightened by the contribution of other theories and enriched by amplifications from contemporary research on the child. - Femmes autour de Jung - Neri, Nadia - Livres
Women around Jung
Nadia Neri
Translated from the Italian by Brigitte Allain-Dupré, Christiane Vesschambre
2002, 224 p.
Price: 18€
Digital version price: 15€

This book is presented as a biography of the women who, for one reason or another, have gravitated around C. G. Jung: Toni Wolff, Emma Jung, Aniela Jaffé, Marie Louise von Franz, Barbara Hannah, Liliane Frey Rohn, Jolande Jacobi, Rivkah Schärf Kluger, Olga Fröebe Kapteyn. Thus the author brings to life the relational and institutional context of the time in which Jungian theory developed. This study offers a finely analyzed understanding of the roots of C. G. Jung’s work, as well as of some of the problems our societies have inherited.The author’s original point of view sheds new light on the foundations of analytical psychology.

La dimension d'aimer – Élie G. Humbert

The Dimension of Love. Six lectures (1983-1985)

E.G. Humbert

2015, 138 p.
ISBN 978-2-915781-32-8
Price: 20€
Digital version  price: 16€

“Man is capable of loss, he is capable of mourning, he is capable of sacrifice, meaning that in him, in his psyche, loss can be transformed into energy, loss can be transformed into existence, mourning can be transformed into a taste for living.”

Through his experience as a psychoanalyst and by relying on the image as a possible way of knowledge, Élie G. Humbert shows the need to get out of the illusions linked to the primordial relationship. The path to self-knowledge goes through differentiation and confrontation (in the sense tJung understood it). The dimension of loving, the reality of love implies a paradoxical conjugation of loss and link. In order to become “whole” and to reach the “in-between” of the relationship, the individual has to build himself upon a challenge to himself.