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Program & workshops 2023-2024

A team of psychoanalysts and specialists run focus groups on the work of C. G. Jung to :

– explore the texts of C. G. Jung and his successors;
– compare points of view;
– engage in open, dynamic reflection;

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The quest for the Grail through the different ages of life according to C. G. Jung

Le Podcast des Deux Tours / Guests: Sophie Braun and Christine Fouchard

In this episode, Le Podcast des Deux Tours welcomes Sophie Braun and Christine Fouchard, psychoanalysts and members of the French Society of Analytical Psychology. Our guests answer different questions about the meaning of the Grail quest for us today and more particularly over the course of our lives according to the different ages we go through… Find the episode by clicking here.

A podcast of the Marie-Louise von Franz & Carl Gustav Jung Association.

First international congress of the SFPA: « Jung and the role of the feminine in the psyche »

The conference was held on November 19, 2022

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“The feminine mind is a land that awaits the seed. This is the meaning of the transfer. It is always the most unconscious which receives from the most conscious the spiritual fertilization.” C.G. Jung, Correspondence 1906-1940

In the course of this conference, we invite you to feel and think about the feminine at work in oneself and in the relationship with others. Why talk about the work of the feminine in the psyche? Would there be a specific work of the feminine and the masculine within the psyche and would it be of a similar nature for women and men? How can we hear, welcome, name and let ourselves be transformed by the meeting of the masculine and the feminine in ourselves, and what parts does the feminine dimension shed light on in relationships ?

Conference organized by the SFPA / C.G. Jung Institute with the support of the International Association of Analytical Psychology

Since Saturday March 14, 2020 on Fréquence protestante

Evert Saturday at 5pm
A monthly series of programs produced and hosted by Catherine Gras with the presence of Jungian analysts frome the SFPA
To be found on the site Sur les traces de Jung


  • Regression in Jung‘s work / Guest Reine-Marie Halbout
    Program of March 12, 2022

Reine-Marie Halbout presents regression in Jung’s work. Regression is a condition of creation. Jung has always been interested in artistic creation and artists are close to the Jungian universe through a living relationship with the unconscious, the source of all creation.

  • Erich Neumann and the analysis of children / Guest Olivier Cametz
    Program of January 6, 2022 
    (replay of October 2021)

For eight years, from 1933 to 1941, Jung devoted his training seminar for analysts to the dreams of children, aged 3 to 15. This is a rich material from which the internationally known and very experienced psychiatrist and psychoanalyst taught with an immense freedom of spirit. However, Jung also expressed reserves about child psychoanalysis. This program will be an opportunity to clarify this apparent contradiction and to discover Erich Neumann, also an eminent psychoanalyst

The temptation to turn inward is a societal trend. The number of young people who can no longer go beyond the gates of their high school and take refuge on social networks is increasing and they suffer intensely. Meanwhile, adults are prey to chronic fatigue and withdraw into their homes, also suffering. The psychoanalyst Sophie Braun helps us to understand the reasons for these withdrawals and to find resources to break with self-isolation and to rediscover the taste for others.

An interview with Reine-Marie Halbout

Reine-Marie Halbout, current president of the association, talks about the creation and evolution of the journal on the website.

The Cahiers jungiens de psychanalyse contribute to the diffusion of articles that reflect the evolution and the perception of the work initiated by C.G. Jung over the years. The first issue of this journal was published in the spring of 1974 under the name of Cahiers de psychologie jungienne and it was in 1987 (52nd issue) that it changed its name.

« Jung and Love »  by Reine-Marie Halbout

The word “love” is not the most frequent in the lexicon of Carl Gustav Jung’s works. However, it is one of the main threads in the story of his life and thought. Reine-Marie Halbout, psychoanalyst and member of the French Society of Analytical Psychology and president of the Jungian Journal of Psychoanalysis, invites us throughout this interview to identify the theme of love in the Jungian work for a better understanding of its metamorphoses. A vast program awaits you!

Extract from « Jung and Love » by Reine-Marie Halbout

Carl Gustav Jung or the totality of the future man 1/8
From Freud to Jung (1st broadcast : 10/08/1970)

Re-broadcast of 8 conferences from 1970. With the participation of Roland Cahen, Gehrard Adler, Etienne Perrot, Aniéla Jaffé, Jolande Jacobi, Laurens Van Der Post and Edward Bennet and the voice of Gaston Bachelard (1955)

To be podcast one the France Culture website.