Difficulty in becoming

A Jungian approach to negative transference
By Olivier Cametz

When the patient’s negativity unfolds in the transference field, certain theoretical-clinical landmarks in Jungian psychoanalysis can guide the analyst. Following upon the works of Carl Gustav Jung, Michael Fordham and Donald Kalsched set out to conceptualize the analyst/patient interaction when the transference bond is moving through the darkest underpinnings of the unconscious. Murray Stein’s works on the Kleinian idea of hateful envy, viewed through the lens of Jungian individuation theory, also help articulate the impact on the analytical process of projective movements at the heart of the negative transference. The author cites a clinical example to comment on the mechanisms whereby negativity can be integrated into the transference field, so that, in the course of an analysis, therapeutic evolution can resume.

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