Intimacies and burglars

By Maria de Oliveira

From antiquity to the present day, the notion of privacy has continued to evolve towards more interiority. The question of knowing what founds the intimate space, both at the level from its different concepts as from its multiple inscriptions in our “houses”; to both exterior and interior, is part of a more general questioning of relationship between oneself and others and between oneself and oneself. What happens if this intimate space of the individual is non-existent or devastated, even burgled? What are the particular possible paths of exploration to create link? These questions resonate so much more strongly in a society that has become digital, more and more distant, where the bodies are absent behind screens. The notion of privacy and sharing between the inside and out becomes more and more blurry. Function and clinical practice of the therapist are thus questioned and to be reaffirmed.

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