Born somewhere

By Véronique Bouhafs-Blanchard

Through the analytical process of a wandering nomadic man, the author explores the field of space, guided by the divine couple Hermes-Hestia. The births and rebirths that punctuate this journey are fed by his sensory experiences in connection with Nature, by experiencing feelings of being anchored, and by sharing a place with the analyst. In other words, an acausal connection links the analytical partners to life itself as the origin of all places. The experience of the landscape then deepens in its individual and collective dimensions. Being at the heart of the tension between a familiar “here” and a distant horizon, it is a passage leading to the encounter with the other and the world. By taking part in building the identity of a person and by revealing the human continuity with Nature, this experience enables an individual to feel united with the world’s soul, and to converse with it, the way artists do.

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